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Treepzone: Universal Network Travel Multifunctional Adapter

In order for you not to experience difficulties in recharging and using your favorite gadgets and household appliances - mobile phones, tablets, cameras, e-books, GPS navigators, MP3 players, household appliances, we suggest you use our multifunctional network adapter Treepzon .

Treepzon is a universal plug adapter that allows switching plug-in sockets to connect to an electrical outlet of any standard in 160 countries, producing a maximum current for charging USB devices in the amount of 5.6A and 3.0A for charging devices with C-Type connector.

Treepzone Multifunctional Network Adapter Specifications

Treepzone is a compact, lightweight and easy-to-use network adapter. Its weight is 7,4 ounces, dimensions – 2,8x2x2''.

The multifunctional Treepzone adapter has four USB-sockets, one C-Ture socket and a plug for connection to the socket. This allows you to charge 5 devices with a voltage of 5V and simultaneously connect 1 AC Socket to charge 6 devices simultaneously with high speed. At the same time, the Treepzone adapter provides the same alternating voltage as in the outlet to which it is connected, which allows you to use the connected device without problems, without fear of damaging it. To switch the plugs of the socket to the desired connector, it is enough to push the lever on the housing corresponding to the required connector to the stop. Near each switching lever there is an indication for which outlet it is intended (EU, UK, USA/AUS).

The Max Power of Treepzone adapter is 880W at 110Vac 1840W at 230Vac., due to which the fastest charging of devices and gadgets connected to it is achieved. The versatile Treepzone adapter is compatible and works great with IPhone X/8/7/6, Samsung S8/S7, XiaoMi Mix2, HUAWEI Mate 10, MeiZu, Tablet, digital cameras, electronic, etc.

To ensure safe and trouble-free operation, our adapter is equipped with special protective functions: an 8A fuse, special protective curtains and connector lock.

Treepzone-adapter is offered in black colors with a 2 stylish stripes: red and grey along the contour of the adapter. We made sure that during trips the adapter was stored in a special stylish protective case, ensuring its safety.

You can get advice on the functionality of the multi-functional Treepzone adapter and buy it in our online store.

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