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Ergonomic Travel Pillow Treepzon

During travels, a lot of time is spent on moving and flying, during which you want to relax, sleep and gain strength for new impressions and discoveries. We made sure that you can sleep comfortably and not experience discomfort from being in a static state for a long time. Our online store offers a specially designed for travelers pillow for sleeping and relaxing, which will become your faithful and indispensable companion on all trips.

Treepzon Travel Pillow Description

A special U-shaped pillow mounted on the neck allows you to avoid sagging and numbness in the shoulders and neck during long journeys and flights, as well as while relaxing in front of the TV or reading a book on the couch. The pillow clasp has a convenient adjustment-lock at the chin, which allows it to be used by both people with high weight and small children. The pillow cover is made of an incredibly soft, velvety anti-allergenic material, which also has an antistatic effect. The Treepzon cushion cover is easy to remove and machine washable.

The main effect of convenience when using the Treepzon travel pillow is achieved due to its ergonomic shape and a special filler that allows the pillow to adapt to the anatomical features of its owner and using the "memory effect" to provide maximum comfort during sleep and rest on the road.

For the convenience of travelers, the pillow is sold complete with a cover, due to which the size of the pillow in the stowed state is reduced by 2 times, and it is simple and easy to put into a suitcase, backpack, travel bag, taking up minimal space in the luggage. Included with the Treepzon pillow is an eye mask for sleeping and comfortable earplugs.

You can buy an ergonomic Treepzon travel pillow in black, gray, blue and pink, as well as get advice on the features of its use in our online store.

Color: gray

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